Made it to my second post, and I even managed to figure out some of those crazy widgets! That took an unnecessarily long time.. Technology and I, we don’t get along. With that being said, I’m not exactly sure why I’m using this site. I should probably go back to carving my thoughts into stone with a chisel. That would defiantly be safer for my tablet. Did you know throwing them against things does not make them work better? I tried. Many times.

Anyway, I started checking out some other peoples’ stuff and I’ve gotta say there are some amazing writers here. Which in a way, that’s kind of unfortunate for me considering everything I’ve said so far is about at the level of a five year old.. Taking some notes would probably be a good idea. However, I also tend to have the attention span of a five year old as well. So that could be pretty challenging.

But, enough about that. The real reason I’m writing this is to tell you a little something about me. In case you didn’t figure it out yet, my name is Sam and to be honest I’m probably one of the most boring people you’d ever meet. I don’t do any extreme sports, I’m a runner. Yeah. The only sport I’m good at is something that pretty much anyone can do. In one word, I’m ordinary.

When I think about who I want to be, though, ordinary is not the word I would use. Its not even on the top 50 list. I want to be someone that people actually know. I don’t mean I want to be a celebrity or a millionaire or anything like that. I mean I just want to do something with my life, something that impacts other people in the best way possible. I’m not going to lie, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to be famous. I don’t know anyone who can honestly say they don’t want to be famous. I just want it to be for the right reasons. Not because I look a certain way or act a certain way. I want it to be because instead of being what people say I need to be, I am what I say I want to be.