In less than 24 hours, I’ll be leaving behind my life of sleeping and binge watching Netflix, and returning to the real world of school.

Over the break I had an essay to write, a math assignment, and two weeks to do them. But did I? Of course not! Because that would just make things too easy! And, as mentioned in nearly all previous posts, I have a severe procrastination problem. Is there some sort of rehab or group therapy for this? A Procrastinators Anonymous? If not, there is now. Feel free to join, meetings are on Mondays, my favorite day. At this point, I’m going to cleverly insert a link to my previous post on Mondays, and I highly recommend you read it due to the fact that someday it just might save your life.

But, we aren’t just talking about a regular Monday. This is the Mother of All Mondays. After two weeks of staying up till three in the morning and sleeping until the same time in the afternoon, tomorrow morning has the potential to be the greatest struggle of my life.

I’m realizing now that I really shouldn’t even be writing this, I should be writing a delightful essay about the application of the Marxist literary lens to Lord of The Flies by William Golding. Which is due tomorrow. But, I’m a procrastinator till the end.

We really need to set up a Procrastinators Anonymous…