I wrote this for the book I’ve been working on, but because I have the attention span of a gold fish (that’s five seconds, by the way) it took a few turns and ended up on a completely different road from what I was planning…


I had been warned, but now it was too late. They had all told me that trying to break free was never going to work, that there was no way I would make it. To them, the risks were too great. But to me, there was no risk greater than staying. You see, none of them could really understand. While they were all the same, I was different. While they all were more than happy to stay in the safety of what they knew, everything I knew had been turned to dust.

I don’t doubt that they all really believed what they were saying, or that they really thought what they were doing would protect me. But, I know they were wrong. In the end, everything we thought we knew, everything we were taught didn’t matter. It was all lies. And as everyone knows, lies can only hold up for so long. Eventually, a tiny crack will form and spread throughout the whole structure. It happens slowly, quietly. You don’t really know what’s happening until everything crashes down at one time. That’s when it hits you, that’s when you realize the truth and how blind you’ve been all your life.

Maybe it isn’t always that dramatic. Sometimes the truth never manages to escape, and you live your life surrounded by the walls of lies around you. Everyone has these walls, we all build them around ourselves and we all allow them to be built up even more by others. Before we know it, our walls have become ten feet tall and twice as thick.

Breaking free is one of the greatest struggles in our lives. Those walls have become your protection, your safe haven. For years, they’ve told you how to live and who to be. They’ve told you the only way to be a success is to stay inside. They tell you to chase your dreams, go after your goals, but don’t leave the walls. With each lie, they added one more brick. And as more time passes, the idea of breaking free is completely erased from your mind. The walls become the only world you see, you can’t even imagine anything outside of them.

But, there are rare moments, glimpses of what’s on the outside. It’s in these weaknesses of our walls that we see the light shining through, and we get the chance to break free again. The instant you get a taste of what’s outside your walls, you find the truth. All of the walls fall around you and for the first time in your life, you’re truly free.