Sam O. Bscure push back the dark

The darkness. You all know what it is. And somehow, its made its way into nearly all of my posts. It’s never been my intention to write anything that makes this darkness even stronger and more overpowering than it already is. It isn’t my goal to force my darkness onto you.

My goal, the real reason I write about it, is to fight this dark. To push it back. But it isn’t a fight that anyone can win on their own. We all need a team, we all need those people who are willing to be warriors for our cause. This is mine.

But this darkness isn’t a simple enemy. It lurks in our minds, in our thoughts, in the deepest parts of our hearts. How can you fight something you can’t see, something so powerful it can control every part of us? How can you fight something that no knife can pierce, no bullet can wound, no physical weapon can harm? How can you fight the darkness?

You fight it by seeking it out. Search out the most isolated, broken parts of yourself. Gather the shards of your shattered heart. Open the doors to those parts of you that you’ve locked away. Expose yourself to the most painful thoughts. This is where you will find the darkness, this is where it hides.

But finding the darkness is only the beginning of one battle in a long war. When you find the darkness, you can’t let it go. You can’t let it slink away, back into hiding. This is when you need to face your darkness.

The darkness will do all that it can to hold you back, it will try to fight and claw its way back to where it came from. But you can fight too. This is your darkness, in the end you control it. Piece by piece, confront your darkness. And piece by piece, rebuild yourself.

This darkness is a part of you, even when you’ve been rebuilt it will remain. It always will. You can’t destroy it, that would be destroying a part of yourself. But, you can defeat it. You will defeat it. And when you do, the darkness will stop clawing.

At this point, your personal battle is finished. You’ve defeated your darkness. But this isn’t the end of the war. The darkness lives outside of you, and some people have lost the strength to win their own battle. Each day the darkness grows stronger, each day it wraps tighter and tighter around them.  Each day they lose their will to fight, until eventually they give up.

It’s for these people I fight.

I’m going to war, will you be by my side?

Will you push back the dark?