It’s Top Lists Tuesday (not to be confused with Topless Tuesday, that’s completely different and not in any way supported by Sam unless you have some crazy abs), the first weekly feature for Sam O. Bscure.

Looking back on this now, I’m not exactly sure why I made this decision. I’m not the best when it comes to commitment and I hate lists with a fiery passion… Oh well. Here at Sam O. Bscure we don’t hide from our weaknesses, we turn them into a weekly feature.

Top 5 Things That Ruin a Shower

1. Wanting to have a private jam sesh, but hating all of the songs that are played

2. Finding a giant spider watching you right after you put shampoo in your hair (well, actually pretty much anytime you find a giant spider watching you….)

3. Being forced to shave your legs so that the other people in your gym class don’t know you’re part hobbit, and ending up looking like you were attacked by a rabid cat

4. Taking a shower after someone else who is also a hobbit and also shaved their legs… but  forgot to clean out the tub..

5. Getting out of the shower and facing what used to be your bathroom but has now become Antarctica