Nobody’s perfect. Nothing’s perfect. You never can be perfect.

That’s what we’re always told, and it’s true. There is nothing perfect about any of us. We’re fighting our way through life, dragging our torn hearts and our tattered souls along with us.

And yet, even though we know there will never be a time when we are whole and perfect, we still chase it. We wake up each morning and see ourselves in the mirror. The face looking back at us is ours, but it’s not the one we want.

We don’t want the imperfection, we don’t want our flaws.

How could someone love us like this?

We can’t have these flaws, we have to hide them. We have to make ourselves worthy of love.


Oh, God. That pimple on your forehead, don’t let them see that. Put on some makeup, you need to look like those other girls. Is that your natural hair? Oh, please! Dye that mess! And straighten it while you’re at it, maybe some curls. But not those curls, those are natural. They aren’t perfect enough. You need more makeup, you need the full mask. Hide it all.

You’re body isn’t right. You’re too big, you’re too small. Don’t wear that! I don’t care if it’s the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn, or if it expresses your personality. That’s not cool. You need something tighter, something with a lower neckline. You need this brand, that one isn’t the same. Come on, man! Get these shoes, those one’s are so lame. Bro, what are you thinking? Your hair needs to look like this, go buy some gel!

Well, at least now you look okay. But, that’s not enough. I can still see your flaws.

Don’t tell me how you really feel, tell me what you think I want to hear. Don’t tell me what you think is cool, tell me what we’re told is. Don’t think for yourself, but if you do, keep it to yourself.


Stay in line. Listen to them, they’re telling you what to be. Conform.

Be unique and independent. Be yourself. But, don’t forget to be just like everyone else. Don’t forget that you don’t decide who you are, they do. Be perfect.


But, you aren’t perfect.

You never were perfect.

You will never be perfect.

You are not perfect.




No more looking at yourself just to see what you need to change, just to see what isn’t right. No more hiding yourself behind the mask you made, behind the clothes you wear, behind the words you say.

Look into that mirror and see who you are. See your brokenness, see your flaws, see the imperfection. See them and accept them. You are not separate from them. They are you. So, stop hiding. They make you more than just another body, another face like all the rest. They make you so much more.

Pick up your torn heart, pick up your tattered soul. Stop dragging them behind in the dust.

Hold them up.

This is the you that I want.

This is the you that the world needs.


Nobody’s perfect. Nothing is perfect. You will never be perfect.

But what would you be without your imperfection?