Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again. No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day. Although, that is wonderful…. I do love chocolate.. Feel free to send me some. Or just a large wad of money to buy my own, that works too.

The real event I’m talking about, however, is that time when everyone becomes a walking, talking, death monster. Full of runny noses, disgustingly moist coughs, raspy voices, and of course, people who sneeze without knowing how to contain their own explosion of nastiness. Thank you so much for spreading the love.

Even me, with my borderline germaphobic nature, have fallen to this death monster. Let me tell you, it is just absolutely great. My head feels like at any moment it could erupt so massively it would put Mount Tambora to shame. And don’t forget that extremely attractive man voice. That nasty, nasally man voice… Oh, and of course the fact that every time I walk up stairs, or really walk at all, I feel like I just ran five marathons in a row.

So, with that being said, today I had planned to write a quality post about something heartwarming and delightful. But, clearly that isn’t going to happen.

And now, I shall return to my bed and sleep for an undetermined amount of time. Eventually, I will awake from my death monster induced sleep full of dreams about more sleep. When I do, there is a chance that I will recover and I will return to you all then.

Or I might drown in my own mucus.

That is definitely a possibility.