I was created by Charlie Speratis, don't steal me!
I was created by Charlie Speratis, don’t steal me!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I could do a whole post on love and what it is in my eyes. But, honestly, who out there would really care to hear a 16 year old girl’s thoughts on love?

“Lol it’s all about poetry and love letters, those weird chalky hearts and chocolate. It’s all about that guy I’ve been crushin’ on FINALLY asking me out and buying me shiny things!”

I must say, if that’s what you expected, you greatly disappoint me… Come on, me crushin’ on some guy? AND that guy asking me out? Oh, you silly goose! What strange parallel universe are you living in?

Hmm, I see I have you interested now. Or maybe that’s just the face you make when you’re trying not to fall asleep due to pure boredom and disinterest… Either way, I shall continue.

What if love meant more than that? What if we stopped trying to ‘measure’ love with physical objects? Even this teenage girl knows that’s not what love is about.

Stop rolling your eyes, I can see your sass all the way over here through this screen.

Thank you.

As I was saying: love is, in fact, not at all about those strange chalky hearts with even stranger messages on them that half the time you can’t even read.

No. Love is what gives us the ability to make mistakes, again and again, yet each time we are forgiven.

Love is something we will never understand, yet without it we have nothing.

(As a side note, I feel that you should know that this post was written while my poor brain was frying inside my head with a fever of 102*F…..It took me almost two hours to write this.. This pathetic attempt at a post. I feel like a squirrel who chugged ten cans of straight caffeine, but without the boosted energy. Just the short attention span. Oh, look at that! I said I wasn’t going to write a post about love and yet I did just that. Apologies, I’m working on my chronic lying issue. And now this side note has become longer than the actual post. Wonderful.)