Sam O. Bscure words hurt

There’s no way I’m going to win this

No way this battle will be mine to claim.

So, go ahead

Tear me apart some more


Piece by piece

Break me, shatter me

Let all the shards fall to the floor


Tell me all the reasons I’m wrong

And when I swing back

Tell me again


Pin me down with one more hit

Hold me with your words

I’m prisoner to the venom you spit


You are that whisper inside

Reminding me of those past failures

all the times I tried


Blow by blow

you tear me down

Shut up, you say

no one wants to hear you now


I’m weak and fallen

That’s when you walk away

You turn your back

But expect that soon I’ll be calling


I sit alone in my prison

But not for long

I hold the key

And soon I’ll be gone


While your back is turned

That’s when I take my chance

I know my mistakes

But now I’ve learned


Now I’m strong

You told me all along

The things I’d never be

But you were wrong


You were wrong.