Oh, well would you look at that! It’s your favorite day of the week again, Sam ‘n Charlie Day! Isn’t that just delightful?

It’s been three weeks now, which is actually quite impressive for us, and by now you’re probably getting the idea. So, I’ll stop taking the time to explain it.

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Sam 'n Charlie picture prompt 3

The Intriguing Adventures of The Ever Classy Sir Wabledon:

Sir Wabledon lived a simple life. He had a simple house, which was actually nothing more than a dark cave he had come across on one of his numerous adventures. His daily routine was simple, the food he ate was simple, everything was simple.

Sir Wabledon was simple.

That’s what everyone said. For as long as they had known Sir Wabledon, he had been nothing but the ever classy octopus who lived his simple and classy life. They envied him for this, dreaming that some day they too could be as magnificent as Wabledon. He was greatly respected throughout all of the seven seas. No fish could be found who did not know of him.

Sir Wabledon knew this, he knew what everyone thought of him. But throughout his fame and celebrity status, Wabledon never once let it go to his giant, squishy, octopus head. In his eyes, to allow himself to be absorbed by this constant positive attention would ruin all he lived for. He would no longer be the ever classy creature that he had always strived to be.

Of course, his classiness came naturally to him. Many other sea creatures had come to him, inquiring how they too could be classy, begging him to teach them his ways. Yet, each time he would respond with his simple words, as was the way of Wabledon:

“I say, you aquatic creatures shall never learn. To be an ever classy Sir, one must not expect a simple lesson. Nay, this is not something to be taught in a day! It is a lifestyle!”

And with that, the inquirers would depart, contemplating what they had been told.

With a classy tip of his hat, Sir Wabledon would turn away in his graceful way and glide back into his cave.

Such was the daily life of Wabledon, classy and simple.

But, there was more to Sir Wabledon. A secret that no other creature alive new of, for all who found out would be found floating dead in the water by the morning.

By night, the ever classy Sir Wabledon was no more.

Instead, there was the ever horrific Overlord Nodelbaw…

To be continued…