Alas, I have returned from my brief hiatus (shout out to the great and powerful OM, I know that’s pretty much his favorite thing for bloggers to say) and let me tell you, I have missed you all so very much.

Especially you, you incredibly attractive person. Wow, you are just on point today. I’m digging those shoes, and that is quite the snazzy shirt you’ve got there. And did you get a haircut? It looks real nice. Dang, you are just lookin’ fine.

Anyway, in case you were not aware, today is in fact Tuesday. Of course, that inevitably means that today is also the day for your weekly dose of Sam ‘n Charlie.

If you missed the last post, you can check it out here, and as always feel free to use the  picture prompt created by Charlie Speratis and leave your link. We both would love to see what it inspires you to write.

artwork by Charlie Speratis
artwork by Charlie Speratis

Her small hands pressed against the cold glass of the window, her breath leaving a foggy mark as she leaned closer to gaze outside. It was dark out, the sun had set long ago and all that could be seen now were the stars as they danced about the sky and the moon looking down to watch.

But it was beautiful, magical to her young and untainted mind. She could hear the voices of the stars, singing and calling her name. They begged her to come dance with them, they begged her to join them. She could see the moon, smiling down at her, promising to show her secrets and things she had never even imagined.

She spun around away from the window, and hurried over to the front door. Without a thought, she turned until the lock released. She twisted the knob and gasped in delight as the brisk night breeze rushed at her, wrapping around her hand and leading her forward. It pulled her along, away from the hollowness of the house she left behind. She skipped and jumped from stone to stone as it guided her down the path.

The stars above cooed in delight and whispered their encouragement, their twinkling light captured in the depths of her own twinkling eyes. She smiled and waved to them, twirling and spinning as she danced with the breeze.  At last, they lifted off, the ground fading rapidly beneath them.

The breeze swirled off into the sky, stars rushing in to take its place. They held her and lifted her higher and higher. They danced with her and carried her and gave her their light.

She looked down from where she was so high above, and she heard the mourning cries. She saw the tear streaked faces, illuminated by the flickering candle light. And she saw herself, although no longer the same, now it was just the hollow house of her soul  left behind. Broken and weak, sad and pained.

But that was left behind too.

She was happy now, she was free.

Blowing a kiss to the world down below, she wished them the best and said her goodbyes.

Then, she let the stars carry her away to dance and to sing for the rest of their nights. To shine down their heavenly light.