So, I’ve been challenged by Caitlin the Teen Daydreamer to do this, and first I’d like to thank her because this challenge was…well…challenging. And Sam loves a good challenge.

The Rules:

Write a poem about love and title it ‘Love in Ten Sentences’

It must have ten lines, each four words long

Every line must contain the word ‘love’

At the end of the poem, you must include a favorite quote about love

Then, challenge fifteen other bloggers

Is love about me

Is love about you

Love is about us

Is love something won

Is love something taken

Love is something given

Is love feeling pain

Is love feeling joy

Love will feel all

Love will survive all

If you haven’t checked out Caitlin’s poem yet, you can here and you most certainly should. She clearly has her poetry game in a completely different league from mine, perhaps even a different sport.

I’m not going to specifically nominate anyone due to the fact that a lot of you have already done this, and there are so many awards going around right now that it’s gotten a little overwhelming. But, if you haven’t done this challenge, you really should. It is only ten sentences after all… Just ten little, four word sentences….

And when you post it, I’d love to read them because I think it’s awesome how unique and different they all are. So, leave me a link!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt

-Charles Schulz

Thanks again to Caitlin!