This is it. Sam has gotten herself and her horribly pathetic tendency to procrastinate all things under control.

I see that look of uncertainty on your face. Oh ye of little faith! Thou shall not doubt me. No more shall I choose Netflix, glorious and wonderful Netflix, over the blogosphere. Which, let’s be honest, is not quite as glorious and wonderful.

I am a dedicated, self-sacrificing person. I will persevere, I will overcome, I will not be lured by… Wait, how did I end up on my couch?

Don’t you do it. Don’t you dare turn on that TV.

But I’m already here…

Be strong. You can walk away right now.

Oops, sorry. I must’ve accidentally turned it on.

It’s not too late. No, Sam! Drop the remote and stop rolling yourself up like a burrito in that delightfully fuzzy blanket!

Ohh, but look! I’m almost to the season finale, I can at least watch that.

What is wrong with you! There’s still twenty episodes to the finale, you just started the season.

Right… Well, I bet everyone else has already seen the finale. I’ve got to keep up! How else will I understand their clever references?

Don’t be ridiculous! You don’t know anyone who references this show, and even if you did, none of them would be nearly as clever as you!

Ah, this is true. My cleverness far surpasses theirs. I am way out of their league. They aren’t even playing the same sport as me. You know what this means, don’t you inner Sam? It means I must prove my superiority. I must watch Every. Single. Episode. By the end of the week.

…I see no flaw in this logic. Carry on.

I think I need a new inner Sam. Or maybe some self control. Or maybe I should simply destroy Netflix at it’s very root and cease this problem entirely.