Once again we are faced with yet another Monday, and once again we are given no choice but to charge valiantly and courageously onward.

Well, I mean, we could always just call in sick. Or say our pet goldfish died. Or that we’re being hunted by a demented man with a machete and it would be putting our fellow peers at risk if we came in to work or school.

Really, all of these are quite believable.

But, being the respectable people that we all most certainly are, we shall not use them.

Oh, I know what you’re all thinking now: Wow. I must be such a strong, responsible, honest, incredible, fantastic, and just generally amazing person to be capable of resisting the temptation . Especially when I’m capable of creating such solid excuses. It’s truly impressive.

Well, those are your words, not mine. I’m much too humble to ever say something such as that about myself. Although, I cannot deny the very truth in it. I am, as you said, honest.

But, alas. I, Sam O. Bscure, also face the struggles just as you mere mortals do.

Now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I must climb off of my dangerously high horse so that we can continue on with this post.

Moving on, however, there is something quite serious I would like to share with you. You oh so fortunate souls.

You see, this weekend I had much time to contemplate the meaning of life and all other philosophical things. This often happens when ones wifi goes out for an extended period of time. But, it was during this time that I made a brilliant discovery. And so, it is at this time, on a Monday of all days, that I would like to bestow upon you my most brilliant of wisdom. Oh, look. Back up on that high horse. Darn critter just doesn’t know how to take a hint and leave!

So, without further ado:

A Moment of Truth With Sam

The process of completing anything in life is much like that of dipping a cookie in milk: you can see that in the end, what you achieve will be absolutely magical. But yet, as you near the achievement, you get too greedy and you leave that poor little cookie in the milk. Then, in an instant, it is crumbling into a thousand nasty, soggy chunks. And you are left with nothing more than a pile of grossness and uncontrollable rage filled disappointment.

The moral of this story, my dearest minions, keep your cookies and milk separate!

Oh, and don’t be greedy.

But, mostly the first part.