I’m really in need of some clever catch phrase to start all of my posts with so I can stop trying to come up with creative greetings that are actually quite the opposite of creative. Or maybe I just need to be more creative in general. Or perhaps I need to just stop using a greeting, just jump right into it. That seems a little awkward though, like when a waiter comes to take your order so they start with the casual “Hi there, thank you for choosing this delightful restaurant which is far superior to all others. How are you today?”


You know? It’s just uncomfortable for everyone.

Continuing on, earlier today I brought my dog home from the kennel where he was staying while we were at the wedding. And boy were those people thrilled to get rid of him. It was a little sad honestly, the poor critter was so upset by what he probably considered to be me abandoning him at some sort of dog prison that he completely lost his mind and created all sorts of chaos for those unfortunate kennel workers.

I won’t go into detail, let’s just say it involved a lot of cleaning on their part and multiple baths for Jarvis when he got home. He’s a stinky little beast.

Although, now he smells like “Evening Mist” thanks to some incredibly sophisticated puppy shampoo.

Needless to say, it has become incredibly clear that Jarvis does not handle separation well. He’s like a clingy girlfriend who constantly wants to lick your face and sit on top of you. As he is right now.

This post has been quite challenging to write and it could quite possibly be my last.

I believe he is attempting to suffocate me.

It’s cats who eat you when you die, right?