We all have moments when we feel like giving up. We lack the drive to accomplish our goals. We lose the ambition to be the fantastic ruler of the world who sits nobly atop a unicorn whilst prancing through a kingdom of chocolate, that our five year old self knew we would be.
Sometimes, it just seems downright unrealistic.
But, I assure you, this is not true. All you need is a little motivation.
Like that dollop of fairy dust once given to you by the old man in a van who was most certainly King Oberon, ruler of the faries, a little motivation will give your mind just what it needs to realize those dreams can be a reality.
And so, my good people, I have come to you today offering you my very own greatest source of motivation and inspiration.
It’s simple, really. All you must do during times of mental frailty is ask yourself one question.
You may even find that this question is not entirely unheard of to you. I believe at some point a similar version was used by a fairly prominent religion. Or something like that.
Although, naturally, I have altered it slightly for my own personal application.
What is this question, you ask?
Well, please restrain your overeager equines.
Such a powerful technique does require some buildup and anticipation.
…Alright, that is adequate.
The question, the source of motivation and inspiration, is:
(That is, What Would The Sam Do?)
Now, originally, it would have been simply WWSD. But, of course, it can’t just be a general ‘Sam’. Who knows what kind of choices someone with a name like that could be making.
So, naturally, I added in a well placed adjective to stop that train wreck before it even had a chance to happen.
Now, the truth is this system is entirely flawed. I am ‘The Sam’. Thus, what I am doing is what The Sam would do. And, really, is that any motivation at all?
Sadly, it was not until after I had created the merch. line that I realized this tragic imperfection.
But, you most certainly are not ‘The Sam’ for there can only be one (if by chance you are, would you kindly leave your address and all other personal information below in the comments so that my team of people who are definitely not trained assasins may find you and honor you with a fluffy puppy and a celebratory cake), and this means that this incredibly clever creation shall not go to waste.
So, I present to you:

Complete with multicolored splotches to hide the stains you'll surely get, you messy thing (available in all sizes)

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