unnamed (13)

I have come to recognize my fatal flaw.
And it is truly fatal. It shall indeed lead to my demise at some point in the future, I am quite certain.
What is this weakness? Is it my tendency to procrastinate? Or the fact that I am the definition of awkward? Perhaps it is my unhealthy addiction to Netflix, Mountain Dew, and Taco Bell (generally in one grand event). Maybe it is my highly developed sarcasm which has already led to multiple situations that have escalated quite dangerously (Although, it’s quite likely that my sarcastic talent is simply envied by those who do not posses such power and thus, not a flaw at all).
No, it is none of these things. But, thank you for noticing my various other weaknesses.
My fatal flaw, my weakness above all other weaknesses, is my inability to ever finish anything.
And I do mean anything.
I want to write a novel? Cute, I think I’ll just write the first three pages and then leave it to wither away and rot in its abandoned Word Document.
I’m eating a sandwich? Awesome. Food is truly the love of my life. But, you know what? I only have one bite left. I probably shouldn’t eat that. I’ll just save it for later. And by later I mean in 100,000,000,000,001 years.
I have a math assignment, and it’s only ten problems? Hey! That’s so easy! I think I’ll do nine.
I need to read a book for one of my classes at school? Oh, wow. This book is actually pretty interesting, I’ll have no problem finishing it! Well, I’ve read that whole chapter, 200 pages left. I should take a quick break. And, while I’m at it, throw that book into a pit of fire because I’m never coming back.
My life is a series of incompleteness. I am a tragic human being.
You know, I really don’t think I even have it in me to finish this post with a quality conclusion.
I think I’ll just go eat the rest of that sandwich.
My first step towards recovery…