The phone is ringing. It’s rather frustrating, really.
Excuse you, unknown caller, I’m trying to write a brilliant blog post at the moment.
Don’t you understand that there are approximately 17 people out there in the blogosphere who are counting on me to bring them glorious tales of woe and sarcasm? I am needed by my people.
But, now, you had to interrupt and tell me all about this new vacuum you’re selling that you guarantee is much better than the one I have currently.
And, look at that. My train of thought has just smashed into the face of a cliff. Hundreds dead. Thousands more injured. It’s a gruesome scene.
You are quite rude, sir.
Yes, I really do think you should be more considerate about who you call and when.
Yes, please do take me off of your calling list. I’m perfectly happy with my current vacuum. And, to be honest, I believe Hoover would be very offended by your call and your assumption that your vacuum is better.
Hold up.
How do you even know what kind of vacuum I have?
What do you mean you don’t? Clearly, you do if you can guarantee that yours is better.
Young man, you better start giving me some answers.
You’ve been sneaking into my house, haven’t you.
I bet it’s you who’s been stealing my socks and leaving them pair less. Do you understand the amount of emotional damage that has caused?
I’m going to need to have some words with your supervisor.
They really shouldn’t let people like you do this kind of thing.
You clearly have absolutely no people skills.
Don’t you sorry ma’am me.
The disrespect just never stops with you, does it.
Yes, goodbye sir.
Thank you, I will have a great day.