Creative writing classes in high schools are honestly one of the most terrifying things known to the human race.

Sure, they sound absolutely wonderful. And, as an aspiring writer, it is a rather logical choice.
But, I believe my expectations were unreasonably raised by the summer creative writing course that I attended at a university.

Let me tell you, the two are not the same.
You see, the summer course had made me believe that these classes were always a group of people sharing a common interest in writing and looking to improve and expand their skillsets. That isn’t incredibly unreasonable, is it?
Oh, clearly it is.

What I forgot to factor into this situation is the reality that not all high school students are looking to pursue writing professionally. Shocking, I know. Who are these aliens walking among us?

And they truly are aliens…
Please, allow me to give you a brief description of my completely wonderful and not at all strange creative writing class.

To begin, we have the fanfiction writer who has dared to escape the confines of the internet. This glorious creature finds a way to relate every prompt to an overly steamy romance and often spends the class period shipping their fellow students whilst loudly proclaiming pickup lines.

Then, we have the font fanatic who desperately needed to be in this class because the constant use of MLA format and Times New Roman size 12 (double spaced) drives them insane. However, at times this becomes a slight burden as each of their pieces contains 20 different font types. I must say, it is rather impressive though. I am not nearly devoted enough to take the time to do anything other than flap my hands in a ‘fish out of water’ style on my keyboard and hope something understandable comes out.

Moving on, we have the young romantic looking to woo their love interest. This is similar to our beloved fanfiction writer, although they have not quite reached that level. In my particular class, our romantic presented a piece that was created entirely out of text messages (emojis included) that he had sent to said love interest the night before. Take notes, folks. That’s the way it’s done.

Come along, people. The end is in sight now.
Up next, we have the unfortunate student who simply had terrible scheduling conflicts and was left with no choice other than this class. Their pieces tend to be a little more on the bitter and sarcastic side, although personally I find this to be quite delightful.

And, finally, we have the ever popular teen blogger. This one is generally even more sarcastic than the above, and often uses their pieces written for class as posts on their blog. Or, in times of severe desperation, they use a post from their blog with a slight fictional twist and submit it as homework (not my proudest moment). And, apparently, they use their fellow classmates as inspiration.
My apologies, I love you all.
Carry on, you creative creatures.