You cannot run forever.
You can try, but each time you think you’ve pulled ahead, you will glance over your shoulder and it will be me who has gained ground. You can run until you’re unable to take another step, until your lungs are straining and you fear they will fail you. I will still be there. You can only run for so long.

Do not even consider seeking refuge, there is nowhere you can hide. Not from me. This is my domain, you are foolish to believe you have even the slightest chance of escaping. You see, to you this suffocating darkness is a weakness. To you, the silence is terrifying. To you, these woods are the very essence of your nightmares.

And that is what I thrive on. I know where each tree has sunk its roots into the waiting earth. I know where each boulder lays in slumber. I know where to find the demons of the night, I know each of their heart stopping howls. I know all there is to know.

So, you may carry on. Continue down your desperate path. I enjoy the chase.
But, understand that you cannot run forever. And when you are forced to give in, I will know.

I am the haunter of these woods.