It wasn’t dark, it wasn’t stormy. It wasn’t even night. The sun was bright, perhaps even more so than usual, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The leaves were still green, comfortably dangling from tree branches. The flowers were still in full bloom, their beautiful petals adding color to the front of every house on the street. It didn’t feel like Halloween, it didn’t even feel like fall. One could easily come across this scene and assume they had stepped into summer.

She didn’t feel displeased by this, though. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was these Halloweens that brought her the most joy. The most pleasure. People became comfortable this way, they forgot about the idea of ghouls and monsters and blood and fear. Instead, they simply put on their costumes and paraded around the neighborhood. They went to parties, they watched horror films, they carved pumpkins and decorated their lawns. But, on years like this, it was never quite the same. They did these things with less zeal, it was a casual affair, because in their minds it wasn’t truly Halloween.

And that was a dangerous mistake.

That was why she loved it, they had their guard down. It simply made it that much more thrilling when she slashed her knife across their throats. They didn’t expect it, and she had found that created the greatest of reactions.

As their blood poured from their body, she could watch as each and every essence of fear passed across their face. Of course, this sort of response is only natural when facing such a death.
But, she found a pleasure like no other this way.

The pleasure of reminding them of the fear they should be feeling.
The fear of Halloween.