unnamed (13)

I hate these posts, the awkward ‘I’ve abandoned my blog for who even knows how long and you probably thought I was killed in a freak accident or gave up WiFi to join some interwebless clan and churn my own butter or maybe you didn’t even notice I was gone, in which case you obviously need to get your priorities straightened out because I belong on the top of that list, second only to your dog if you have one because not even I can top dogs and if you don’t have one go get one right now.’

It’s just a burden really, much like the above paragraph-sentence hybrid. I’m never quite sure if I should approach the situation straight on, provide an explanation. And by explanation I mean a bunch of rather clever excuses to distract from the reality, which is I am simply the type of person who is often distracted by shiny things and forgets about prior commitments.

I’ve certainly used that method before, but I believe there is a limit on how many times it can be repeated. At a certain point, it just becomes too painfully see-through and pathetic.

The other option is to fling myself into the center of everything, draw as much attention as possible, and carry on as if I share the same dedication as all you other bloggers who actually manage to consistently post on a set schedule. I respect you, oh great ones among mere mortals.

This seems unfair however, and it leaves me feeling a sensation I am unaccustomed to: guilt.

It seems, however, that there is another option. This third method, known as the Bscure Method, is fairly simple. All that one must do is very publicly declare the problem being faced, complete with details and the various choices you have to resolve the problem. Then, instead of choosing one of the previously mentioned resolutions, you very suddenly conclude your declaration and rapidly switch to a new topic that will appear to your audience to be related to the problem when in reality it’s just your way of avoiding problems and pretending they don’t exist.

Life is all rainbows and butterflies. šŸ˜€