Look at this, two days in a row. How impressive. I am rising from the pit of procrastination, breaking free from the shackles of shilly-shally, clawing my way out of the trenches of tarry. And I’ve brought my knack for alliteration with me.

That’s right kids, I am back on my way to becoming Blogosphere’s Next Top Blogger and I am prepared to take out all who threaten my rise to power.

Watch your backs.

I’ve got eyes and ears.


I see all, I hear all, I know all.

In other news, I’ve just recently reached 300 followers and despite my faΓ§ade of confidence, I’m honestly incredibly grateful to all of you.

As you are not able to see my face full of appreciation and all other nice emotions, I have decided to express my feelings via emoji.

Β πŸ‘Ό

Once again, thank you all.

Keep being awesome.

But not too awesome, because as expressed above, I do not handle competition well.