When you locked me away, said I was crazy, I’m sure you thought it was the end. I must admit that I did as well.

I spent each day staring at the same four walls, all white and blank. In the beginning, I counted. Kept track of how much of my life had been taken from me. By you. By your betrayal.

But, I grew bored of that quickly. As you know, my mind is not as simple as others. Not as easy to occupy.

That was when my thoughts returned to you.

That was when I began to remember all of those things about you.

I remembered your promises, the ones you made in the beginning. That you would help me, you could fix me and make me better, you wouldn’t toss me into some institution.

I remember how it only took a few months for that to change, for you to regret those promises. You had always taken pride in your honor and your ability to keep your word, but I suppose even you had your limit.

I remember when you first betrayed me, when you told them. You told them I was crazy. They took one look at me and believed you.

And that was when they brought me here, surrounded me with white. White. A pure color. But here, nothing is pure.

If you thought I was insane before, just wait until you see the way this place has twisted my mind.

If you were afraid of me before, as you were on the night I carved you with that kitchen knife, wait until I show you the art I can create now.

My mind is not pure, it is not well. No, not even I can deny the way it has become tainted.

But you’re the only one to blame. If you had only kept your promise, then none of this would have to happen.

I’ll be coming soon, to see you.

And I’ll make sure you know what it means to keep a promise.