Where-where should I start?

Wherever you want.

But, I don’t-

The beginning. Start at the beginning.

It was dark.

Was it night?

No, just dark. There were clouds, I think it rained later that day.


We were-


You know, we.

I don’t know anything you don’t tell me.

Right, uh, okay. Michael, Hannah, me and…

And Lucy?

Yeah, and Lucy.


We were just hanging out-


My.. My house. We were at my house.

Were you there the entire time?

No.. No, we left a couple hours later.

And where did you go then?

We went out to Fischer Park.

All of you?

Yeah. Well, I mean, Michael didn’t stay there..

But he came with you.


And Lucy?

She, uh, yeah. She didn’t stay either.

Lucy and Michael, did they leave together?


Did they leave at the same time?

No, they left about a half hour apart.

So, they weren’t together after they left Fischer Park?

I… I don’t know.

Do you think they were?

I don’t-

What do you think?

I, uh, I think they were.

And why did you all go to Fischer Park?

Just to, you know, hang out.

Couldn’t you have hung out just as well if you stayed at your house?

Yeah, but…


Fischer Park.. I mean, there’s parties there. Everybody goes.

Parties. And what’s at these parties?

Nothing. It’s just.. Just a party.

Are you sure?


So, there was no drinking?

Well, I mean, of course there was. But-

Are you not under the legal drinking age?

I am.

Did Michael and Lucy drink?

I don’t know, probably.

Alright. Continue.

We just stayed at Fischer Park for a while, then we all went back to my house.

Around what time would you say you left the park?

I don’t know exactly, around two in the morning.

And when you got home?

When we got home… We found Michael and Lucy.

How did you find them?

You.. You know that. You don’t need me to tell you. Please don’t make me tell you..

As I said, I don’t know anything you don’t tell me.


How did you find Michael and Lucy when you got home.

They were… Hanging from the rafters.


Yes. Hanging, with ropes around their necks. Just… just staring.


With dead eyes. They were- Oh my God, they were dead.

So, it was suicide.

What? No… No, they would never..

They were killed?

Yes, God, someone killed them…

Do you have any idea who?

No, of course not!

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure. I have no clue what kind of monster would do that..

I could tell you.

You know?

Yes, we know.

Then why am I here?

Because you are the monster. You killed them.