Sometimes, I find that it’s refreshing to look past my own glorious reflection in the mirror and acknowledge the fact that there are other people in this world.

Incredible, I know.

To be real, though, I am well aware of the fact that there are countless other humans, and the majority of them are far greater than I.

An example of this: Emma of urbanlifexo

This delightful specimen of humanness has recently brought to my attention her involvement in AFS’s Project: Change. For those of you who don’t know what that is, (which was me, like, 12 hours ago) you can check out Emma’s post about it and her involvement here. The gist is that she wrote and submitted an essay about Syrian refugees in Turkey and her own idea to increase the availability of education for refugee children, which she calls The Ripple Effect.

I would definitely recommend reading her essay, which you can do here.

And, while you’re there, take another minute to vote for her and give her the opportunity to actually put The Ripple Effect into action. In Turkey.

In my opinion, that’s pretty crazy awesome.

Now, there are more details. But, as I’m lacking a vast amount of knowledge about the project, I would highly recommend checking out Emma’s blog.

Do it, my children. Aid this glorious human in her noble quest…