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I’ve often been told I shouldn’t leave things to sit. When I mess up, when things seem to be going downhill, when I’m not entirely sure where to go from my current spot, I shouldn’t step away and let it fester.

And that’s true, I suppose, in terms of certain things. You certainly shouldn’t allow things to sit when there’s something you can do about it. Say you’re sorry, fix a miscommunication, get things done when you can.

But, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is step back. Stop. Let it sit. Let it fester. Hell, let that thing rot so badly that even God himself can smell its decomposing flesh from his throne up in the sky.

It’s okay.

You’ll come back to it, you always will. And it’ll be worse, just like with every other biding of time. The longer you wait, the greater the interest. The greater the problem. Yes, it will be worse.

But everyone needs to let things sit sometime, because that’s the only way to really understand what’s going on. No one can see clearly when they’re flying down a highway at 90 miles an hour, everything blurs together. You can’t tell a tree from a man or a car from a house.

Similarly, you can’t tell what’s important when you’re flying through life at breakneck speed. You can’t tell what’s helping you from what’s holding you back, what’s shaping you from what’s keeping you static, who’s helping you grow from who wants you stuck in your rut.

Everything blurs together. A haze of poorly aligned priorities and misjudged relationships. A haze of meeting standards of others and forgetting what it is that you wanted for yourself. A haze of what you will one day wake up and see to be regret and tragedy.

So, please. Step away. Do what you can and then let it fester.

You will come back.

I came back.

(Post-Post Comments: I’ve missed all of you glorious humans so much and I’m so sad that I’ve probably missed out on at least ten dramatic events in each of your lives. So, you’ll soon find me obsessively stalking your blogs. Do not be alarmed. I do it out of love…)