Blogging is hard.

Said the wimp who’s been back to blogging for one day to the hardcore bloggers who’ve been posting for eons.

But it is.

How does one find that inspiration? How does one find that gloriously illuminated light bulb above one’s own head? There’s certainly no simple flicking of a switch to solve such an issue.

I’ve employed multiple strategies in my vast experience with blogging (believe it or not, I’ve actually been at it since December the 3rd, 2014 when I wrote this gem). And, thus, I have decided to impart upon you fortunate souls my wisdom.

I present to you…


Music is, of course, what many of us turn to. It is an endless supply of inspiration. It is a sharing of appreciation for words and art.

But, do you know what else music is a major source of? Distraction. That’s right. You shut that Spotify playlist off right now. Take out those headphones, kiddo. You’re doing it wrong.

How can you expect yourself to create a beautiful flow of word majesty when you’ve got someone else’s words blasting into your poor little brain? Ridiculous.


Additionally, many of you will turn to the innocent act of people-watching. But, did you know, it is a violation in many areas of this great big world to publish the words of another person, spoken from their cakehole, without explicit permission? That’s right. I’m looking at you, bud. I know what you’ve done, you lawbreaker, and I’m notifying the authorities at this exact moment.


Beyond these two most obvious so-called solutions, individual bloggers employ weird solutions that are borderline insane. Some insist on aΒ  cup of tea before they can sit down to write anything, others insist they use a specific pen. Others still must offer up a ritual sacrifice to the Divine Deity of Bloggers, brewing ten pots of coffee and aligning them just correctly in an attempt to summon the great Deity and glean from them the secret to successful blogging.

(For those of you desperate enough to attempt such a ritual, I have provided the specifics here)


Yet, the bottom line is this: absolutely nothing, this is useless.


There is no secret solution, SAM’S SIGNATURE SOLUTIONS TO THE STRUGGLE is a lie. And that is because, as bloggers, we are inherently strange. We are irreparably inflicted by the drive to write and we all have tactics to get ourselves in the zone.

What’s yours?