The day was Wednesday, October 26. It was brisk, probably 39.987 degrees Fahrenheit if I had to take a guess, and the sky was grey. On this day, a super cool and smart and funny and just generally amazing girl -let’s call her, oh, I don’t know, Sam. Just for the sake of easy reading, of course- had finished her classes for the day.

With a skip in her step, Sam joyously made her way through the halls. You see, Sam was especially happy today because she knew that waiting for her at home, in a safe and secure Styrofoam container, was a slice of spinach-chicken-mushroom-artichoke pizza with alfredo sauce. Indeed, she was quite the pizza connoisseur.

She stopped by her locker to grab her math book, because of course she was very studious, and then she continued to the doors. As she neared the exit, another student saw her approaching and quickly rushed to open the doors for her, bowing slightly as she passed.

“Thank you, kind sir.” Sam said graciously as she passed because she was no savage and she prided herself on her manners.

Sam continued on her journey, whistling a cheery tune and drooling slightly as she continued to think about the delightful nourishment awaiting her. Soon, Sam was sitting behind the steering wheel of her trusty car and racing home, weaving between cars and narrowly bypassing red lights (buckled up, of course. Be safe, kids).

Eventually, Sam arrived home. She was so excited that she didn’t even bother to bring in her math book, which she surely was planning to use later that night for homework and not just as a coaster for her Mountain Dew.

Sam flung open the door and floated in a drool-filled haze to the kitchen.

Yet, Sam quickly realized that something truly terrible had occurred.

Before her, on the top of an overflowing trash can, sat a crushed white Styrofoam container.

Frantically, Sam grabbed it. Although she knew it was empty, Sam still opened it and sadly clutched a miniscule piece of chicken that had managed to escape the mouth of whatever monster had committed such a crime.

Falling to the floor, still clutching the container, Sam screamed like a banshee and mourned her loss.

Drawn by the excessive noise, the face of a true monster peaked around the corner. Eyeing the now broken Styrofoam in Sam’s hands, the monster shrugged its shoulders and smiled, revealing a piece of spinach stuck in its teeth.

“Hey, that pizza was super good.”