These kittens are irrelevant, but their cuteness provides a fantastic manipulation tool to trick you into clicking on my content.

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.
That’s right, kids. Sam is back.

I’ll be honest, I hate this post.
Re-intro posts, or in this case re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-intro posts, are a burden on all of us. You hate it, your dad hates it, your dog hates it, the bagger at Walmart hates it, the splattered butterfly on your windshield hates it, we all hate it.
But, just like that dentist appointment your mom forces you to go to every six months, the suffering is unavoidable.
I mean, you could stop eating so much sugar, brush your teeth a little more thoroughly, floss more often than the furious attempt you make five minutes before your appointment, maybe use some mouthwash.
But that won’t happen.
So the suffering is unavoidable

Now that we’re on the same page and we have all of our hate out in the open, I’ll continue with this burdensome post.

Since my last post seven months ago, I’ve made some progress in my life. Currently, I’m attending university and studying business. In fact, that’s what caused me to reconsider my blog and evaluate how to actually make it work. Previously, I haven’t put much effort into my blog, it was difficult to stay committed to posting and there wasn’t much growth.

Now, with my whole month and a half of college education obviously giving me all of the necessary skills to run a successful blog, I’m back at it again.

On every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I’ll be throwing some content out into the blogosphere, just like that empty McDonald’s bag you threw out of your car window on that long road trip.
Except my content isn’t illegal, because it’s not litter.
Pick up your trash, you little shit.