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Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #7

Greetings. Oh, would you look at that! Sam 'n Charlie! But it's not Tuesday…. Nothing gets past you, how incredibly observant! Yes, Sam 'n Charlie is delayed this week due to multiple unforeseen obstacles. Such as the fact that my... Continue Reading →


Sam ‘n Charlie On Break

As you all should be aware, today is indeed Tuesday. If this comes as a surprise to you, I believe it is about time you crawled out from under that rock and rejoin society. We all must suffer together, you... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. Road Trips

Have you ever wanted to just take off on one of those spontaneous road trips? Just you and your buddies, on a wild adventure. Yeah, me too. And that's exactly what I did not do this weekend. Instead, I spent... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Okay

It's okay, you say. I don't need their love, I don't need their time. I'm fine, you say. I don't need their support, I don't need their shoulder to cry on. It's okay, you say. I don't need them. You're... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Blows

There's no way I'm going to win this No way this battle will be mine to claim. So, go ahead Tear me apart some more   Piece by piece Break me, shatter me Let all the shards fall to the... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. Those Nights

This one's for the people who spend their nights wide awake long after the sky has gone dark and the rest of the world has slipped off into sleep. They were lucky, they managed to find their way to the... Continue Reading →

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