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A Call to Action For All Who Enjoy Naps

Today, on the third of December in the year 2015, I was told that I am too old for naps. I know. Just take a moment. Read that again. And realize how ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS IT IS. My apologies, how rude... Continue Reading →


Gnashing Teeth of Forsaken Souls

Writing has become a rather stressful process. For example, at this moment, a small child wearing fuzzy blue pajamas is attempting to crawl into my lap despite the fact that I have strategically selected a stool at least three feet... Continue Reading →

Lots-o-Thanks Fest

Heyo! Firstly, I'd just like to thank all of you so much for all of those incredibly wonderful comments you've given to me recently, particularly about Alice and The Cost of Love. You all truly are great writers yourselves, and... Continue Reading →

Tiny Purple Flowers and Giant Slobbery Dogs

"Look!" My mother shouted to me from where she knelt in front of her garden. "One of them made it!" In her hands, she had the tiniest purple flower I had ever seen. Holding it out to me as though this... Continue Reading →

Sam O. Bscure and Channing Tatum (and golf)

Do you know what's painful? Golf. It is indescribable agony. You know, maybe I’m being a little unfair. It takes dedication. You need to have some intense focus for that. Personally, the only time I could ever posses such focus... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n 200

I've just reached 200 followers, and to me that's just completely mind blowing and amazing, especially considering I haven't really posted for the last two weeks… I've also just been nominated for two awards by BubbaKavangha and Asil, so thank... Continue Reading →

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