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Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #9

If my life is a dying tree starved of hope and achieved dreams if it is nothing more than a skeleton of what if's and should've been's if I am the very essence of all things doomed to crash and burn, Then... Continue Reading →


Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #7

Greetings. Oh, would you look at that! Sam 'n Charlie! But it's not Tuesday…. Nothing gets past you, how incredibly observant! Yes, Sam 'n Charlie is delayed this week due to multiple unforeseen obstacles. Such as the fact that my... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #6

That's right my crazy little minions. Sam 'n Charlie is back. At this time it is appropriate for you to celebrate in whatever way you deem necessary. Don't worry, we won't judge. So, this week is going to be a... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Sam

Greetings my dearest minions. Alas, like the great Lord above, I have been resurrected and returned to offer you my wisdom. Bow down to my all-knowing power. To be honest, there is absolutely no reason I haven't been posting. I... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n Charlie On Break

As you all should be aware, today is indeed Tuesday. If this comes as a surprise to you, I believe it is about time you crawled out from under that rock and rejoin society. We all must suffer together, you... Continue Reading →

A Symphony of Horrors, Garlic Breath, and a Hoodlum-Rebellious Teenager

This weekend I was… fortunate… enough to attend a performance of St. Mathew's Passion. If you aren't familiar with this particular work, it's often said to be Bach's greatest work. Yes… Three hours of pure, brilliant Bach and his delightful... Continue Reading →

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