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Sam vs. Sam 2.0

Are you ready? Did you make your resolutions, put up your 'new year, new me' post that everyone loves to hate, and, of course, make a few of those awful 'see you next year' jokes? For some of you, the... Continue Reading →


Sam vs. The Favorite Child

It looks like the ideal family, sitting around the table playing a game together. Taking turns rolling the dice, trying to be the first to 10,000 points. And as long as you keep the scene on mute, everything is great.... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Christmas Cactus

So, this is my Christmas post. And although I am aware that today is not Christmas, lets just pretend I posted this yesterday and that I don't have a severe procrastination problem. But, to be honest, I'm still not really... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Darkness

I never thought it would be like this, never thought it could hurt this bad. It's like a knife cutting through me, slowly moving, day by day, closer to my heart. I could feel It more and more as time... Continue Reading →

Just a Quote

"Run… Just run. Don't look in any other direction, and when the time is right and you feel strong and whole, glance to the side and look to see who is running next to you." I found this quote yesterday,... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Mondays

So, this post is going to be pretty short. Unfortunately, I've come down with a chronic case of the Mondays.. This particular case is so severe that its lasted into Tuesday and has the potential to continue for the rest... Continue Reading →

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