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It sat upon my shoulders, with beady eyes and gleaming teeth. Sometimes It was light, a presence lurking still, but I was able to keep my shoulders square. I was able to keep my head up and a smile on... Continue Reading →


The Metaphorical Rock Climbing of a Writer

Have you ever forgotten how to do something that is so engrained in you it's more second nature than anything? Something you've done countless times, for countless years. Something you never thought it was possible to forget. I'm afraid I... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Perfect

Nobody's perfect. Nothing's perfect. You never can be perfect. That's what we're always told, and it's true. There is nothing perfect about any of us. We're fighting our way through life, dragging our torn hearts and our tattered souls along... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Walls

I wrote this for the book I've been working on, but because I have the attention span of a gold fish (that's five seconds, by the way) it took a few turns and ended up on a completely different road... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Double Identity

You know what I figured out today? I'm actually a top level spy, and you probably are too. I'm talking about the double identity. Its something that almost all of us have mastered. We can almost instantaneously change everything about... Continue Reading →

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