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Real Relationship Goals: The Bros

As an 18 year old college student with an intense fear of intimacy and a history of dysfunction in relationships of all types, I am quite possibly one of the most unqualified individuals to speak on the topic of what... Continue Reading →


Ghost Towns

I pick up my keys from where they hang beside the door, slip my arms into the sleeves of my jacket, and lock the door behind me. The air is still, its inky depths absorbing me as I walk to... Continue Reading →

Blurred Vision

It was cold. Even for the usual weather of the area, this was considered cold. It was too early for snow, and yet, just hours earlier the delicate white flakes had begun journeying from the clouds to the slowly dying... Continue Reading →


Tonight you're perfect, because we have more in common than you'd like to admit. I can see it in the hollowness of your eyes, the all consuming void that's steadily tearing away at your soul. It leaves you blank and... Continue Reading →

Waging War

  Thoughts will be the death of me The constant battle Between bad and good Right and wrong Black and white Uncertainty is the king Ruling with a cold soul My head is a mess A mess A disaster Imperfection... Continue Reading →

Rage Monsters, Gods, and Puny Humans

Why is it that some people can send you into full rage mode without even truly doing anything? Perhaps they breath a little too loudly for you, and the next thing you know, you have a pen (obviously one of... Continue Reading →

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