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A Revolution of Inspiration and Motivation and Such

We all have moments when we feel like giving up. We lack the drive to accomplish our goals. We lose the ambition to be the fantastic ruler of the world who sits nobly atop a unicorn whilst prancing through a... Continue Reading →


Lameness and Llamas

I love writing. A lot. Like if there was a choice between eternal cheesecake and baby unicorns or being able to pursue my future in writing, I would choose writing. Isn't it funny how even when we know what makes... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #7

Greetings. Oh, would you look at that! Sam 'n Charlie! But it's not Tuesday…. Nothing gets past you, how incredibly observant! Yes, Sam 'n Charlie is delayed this week due to multiple unforeseen obstacles. Such as the fact that my... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n Charlie: Picture Prompt #5

"This one's a weed," they said, disgust written plainly on their faces. "This one's not as good as us, never will be." I could feel myself wilting, beaten down beneath their harsh glares and judgment. I shriveled up, curling in... Continue Reading →

Sam ‘n 200

I've just reached 200 followers, and to me that's just completely mind blowing and amazing, especially considering I haven't really posted for the last two weeks… I've also just been nominated for two awards by BubbaKavangha and Asil, so thank... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. A Single Drop of Rain

A single drop of rain Leading its own charge Creating its own path A single drop of rain It races on, does not stop But leaves behind a glistening trail.   A single drop of rain Determined to reach the... Continue Reading →

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