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Tonight you're perfect, because we have more in common than you'd like to admit. I can see it in the hollowness of your eyes, the all consuming void that's steadily tearing away at your soul. It leaves you blank and... Continue Reading →


Vows From the Very Depths of Hell

Well, my good people, it is Wednesday. Hump day, the halfway point, the day I'm supposed to have off of work but that was somehow forgotten by my manager. Thanks Barb, you're a real pal. In other news, my eldest... Continue Reading →

A Symphony of Horrors, Garlic Breath, and a Hoodlum-Rebellious Teenager

This weekend I was… fortunate… enough to attend a performance of St. Mathew's Passion. If you aren't familiar with this particular work, it's often said to be Bach's greatest work. Yes… Three hours of pure, brilliant Bach and his delightful... Continue Reading →

Some Love For Charlie

In her life, Charlie Speratis (the amazing artist for this blog) has been through so much loss and pain. More than anyone as young as she is should ever have to. The story is hers to tell, and not mine,... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Okay

It's okay, you say. I don't need their love, I don't need their time. I'm fine, you say. I don't need their support, I don't need their shoulder to cry on. It's okay, you say. I don't need them. You're... Continue Reading →

Sam vs. The Blows

There's no way I'm going to win this No way this battle will be mine to claim. So, go ahead Tear me apart some more   Piece by piece Break me, shatter me Let all the shards fall to the... Continue Reading →

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