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The Greatest of Tragedies

The day was Wednesday, October 26. It was brisk, probably 39.987 degrees Fahrenheit if I had to take a guess, and the sky was grey. On this day, a super cool and smart and funny and just generally amazing girl... Continue Reading →


Ha! Martia

Hamartia. While it sounds like a reasonable response to a mildly humorous joke told by your friend's mother, Martia, a hamartia is in fact a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine (credit to the... Continue Reading →

This Stupid Little Blog

It's been five months since I've posted on this blog. Now, that's not to say it's been five months since I've been on WordPress. In fact, it would be a stretch to say that there's been even a month-long stretch... Continue Reading →


There was a girl, her name was Nadine. I don’t know her, other than her name. Yet with how things played out, I can't forget her. Our paths had crossed a couple of times, we happened to be involved in... Continue Reading →

Blogging is hard. Said the wimp who's been back to blogging for one day to the hardcore bloggers who've been posting for eons. But it is. How does one find that inspiration? How does one find that gloriously illuminated light... Continue Reading →

It’s a Comeback, Kids

  I've often been told I shouldn't leave things to sit. When I mess up, when things seem to be going downhill, when I'm not entirely sure where to go from my current spot, I shouldn't step away and let... Continue Reading →

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