Sam O. Bscure



short story

Ghost Towns

I pick up my keys from where they hang beside the door, slip my arms into the sleeves of my jacket, and lock the door behind me. The air is still, its inky depths absorbing me as I walk to... Continue Reading →


Young Dreams

When I was young, with an untainted mind, I used to dream. They were intricate creations that redefined the possible and impossible. They were full of magic, imagination, pure happiness. But it lasted for a short time, a time that... Continue Reading →

Dead Eyes

Begin. Where-where should I start? Wherever you want. But, I don't- The beginning. Start at the beginning. It was dark. Was it night? No, just dark. There were clouds, I think it rained later that day. And? We were- We?... Continue Reading →

To Keep a Promise

When you locked me away, said I was crazy, I'm sure you thought it was the end. I must admit that I did as well. I spent each day staring at the same four walls, all white and blank. In... Continue Reading →


It wasn't dark, it wasn't stormy. It wasn't even night. The sun was bright, perhaps even more so than usual, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The leaves were still green, comfortably dangling from tree branches. The flowers... Continue Reading →


You cannot run forever. You can try, but each time you think you’ve pulled ahead, you will glance over your shoulder and it will be me who has gained ground. You can run until you’re unable to take another step,... Continue Reading →

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